Ellis White is a contemporary footwear label inspired by adhoc principles, which look to utilise materials and objects at hand. Created by Hollie White, the brand seeks to combine a passion for material innovation with a belief in craftsmanship and a hands-on, experimental approach to design;

“I start off with quite a crude approach to each piece, drawing on everyday objects around me and prototyping minimal and utilitarian forms. The final products are hand crafted in Italy and beautiful finished, but there is a naivety to the shapes and construction that can only come about through trial and experimentation. It’s this quality that I hope my customers are drawn to”, explains White.  All leathers and components originate in the UK or Italy to ensure the highest quality and ethical practices are adhered to.

Form and construction are at the centre of the Ellis White design process, with the aim being to create uncomplicated without pieces without sacrificing originality. Prototypes are made in house and materials such as Bit Leather (an upcycled leather composite material that White developed) are cast in the Ellis White studio. These elements are then taken to a small Italian factory in Le Marche region where the designs are finessed and produced.

Hollie – who grew up in Australia – believes her bold, colourful aesthetic is born of a bright, sunny childhood and long-standing obsession with Australian artist Ken Done. Since moving to London she has worked with brands such as Celine, Pointer and Hunter Boots. After graduating from an MA in Footwear at Cordwainers in London where she began experimenting with materials, she created footwear for emerging luxury labels XuZhi and Tommy Zhong – who share a passion for material innovation and experimentation – and launched Ellis White to continue to develop her work in this spirit.